We are a company specialized in the installation and maintenance of fire protection, detection and extinguishing systems.
Discover the most complete and effective solution for your premises:

Execution of fire projects

We present solutions tailored to the needs of your commercial or residential infrastructure, as well as the protection of human life and material assets.


Using the most advanced signage and complying with existing regulations, it must be affixed to the main accesses in a visible way.

Emergency plants

They aim to systematize a rapid and safe evacuation of their facilities.

Fire Station Instalation

A fire station allows, among other things, to spread the fire alarm to all occupants of the building and to alert the external rescue services.

Fire extinguishers and accessories

First intervention equipment, which means that its use is suitable for initial fire fighting and must be permanently operational.

Hose reels

They ensure the availability of water to an expanding area.
They are dimensioned according to the needs of the customer and vary in flow, size, equipment and appearance.

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